Projects Construction

HTIG carry out road and bridge construction. HTIG owns Grade A qualification of general contractor for highway engineering construction, Grade A qualification of professional contractor of roadbed, road surface, bridge engineering and various qualifications for road services, Grade B qualification of professional contractor of tunnel engineering, Grade C qualification of general contractor of housing construction, etc. It has constructed over 2200 large and medium-sized bridges and 18,000km of various kinds of roads domestically and abroad.

HTIG carries out road constructions and ancillary constructions, road maintenance, producing and selling new materials, advertisement services along expressways, etc. It owns Grade C qualification of professional contractor of road surface, qualification of construction of traffic safety facilities, qualification for maintenance of highways of Grade A and B under Type B and Type C, and Grade C qualification of testing and detection. HTIG has launched maintenance materials (Lushi Brand sealant and cold-patch) and the mixing hot air heating regeneration site maintenance train which is the first one withproprietary intellectual property right in China and is listed in the national “863 program”,.

HTIG carries out supervision, testing, detection, designing, consulting, bidding agent services, etc. It owns many kinds of qualifications, such as three Class A qualifications for supervision of roads and bridges constructions issued by the Ministry of Communications and Transportations, one Class B qualification for testing of road constructions, two Class C qualifications for testing and examination, etc. Its laboratory has passed CMA measurementauthentication.

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